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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Ojon dry recovery shampoo and conditioner

Ojon dry recovery

I've been eyeing up these ojon products ever since a good friend of mine Frieda, gave me the ojon damage reverse restorative treatment for my secret Santa present. This was so amazing it literally made my hair feel the softest and smoothest it has ever felt EVER and smell like a cocoa bean. It's really good to use when your ends get a bit rough in between hair cuts.


This shampoo is supposed to work by cleansing the hair without stripping the natural oils. It contains Macadamia Oil,  Blue Agave Nectar, Babassu Oil complex, and Jojoba Oil. This helps the hair by hydrating and smoothing the cuticles back down also helps with damage done by back combing, straightening, and styling etc.

I have quite long hair so i had to use a fair amount to get a good lather going on my head. The smell when i was using it was VERY herbal/earthy but when i blow dried my hair it was subtle and quite pleasant. This shampoo costs £18.00 for a 250ml bottle so definitely on the pricey side but it does do what its supposed to.

This conditioner is a buttery/lotion consistency containing, Shea Butter, Babassu oil, Jojoba Oil, and Blue Agave it fills dry hair with moisture and also protects it from drying out.
Much like the shampoo this is supposed to smooth the hair cuticles and breathes life back into thirsty straw like hair/ends.

This was very light not at all greasy, I'm assuming that because the shampoo doesn't strip your natural oils the conditioner doesn't need to be so heavy because i was slightly worried when i applied it that my hair would just eat it up and there would be nothing to wash out but it worked just fine no tangles, no heavy greasy feeling, and no fly always after i blow dried. 

This costs £19.50 for 250ml i got both of these from john lewis.

I'm thinking of getting the revitalising moisture mist to complete my little Ojon collection, this stuff is great!

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