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Monday, 11 March 2013

Fixing a broken nail

Possibly one of the most annoying things is when you grow all you nails out, they are perfect and one breaks 😤.
If there was ever a time in life where I needed my acrylic nails now would be it. Having a child involves a lot of hands on action, I broke 3 of my nails on the car seat and pushchair the first week we started going out! But unfortunately the £25 I used to get my nails done now goes on nappies although I would much rather have my son than a perfect manicure any day ! I still want both so here is a very cheap way to fix a broken nail!

•Select the nail tip that fits your nail the closest, if it is a little big just file down the sides.

•apply the glue to the tip and stick on to nail in a downward rocking motion to avoid air bubbles.

•Cut the tip down to desired length.

•File all over the tip to blend in with your natural nail.

• Apply a top coat or nail polish.

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