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Thursday, 7 March 2013

My dads day with Rico

My dad came down to see us on Tuesday and we went to the shopping centre here where i live, we packed Rico into the back of my dads Audi TT (yes it was a mission but we achieved it!).
 Rico was such a good boy all day i propped him up in his push chair and he was enjoying the ride! we went into Zaras baby section and my dad spoiled him rotten! they have so many adorable things for boys, usually the baby boy clothes everywhere are pretty samey. 
we went to Starbucks after and browsed around John Lewis my son is such a patient child, he even lets me do my makeup at home as long as he gets to watch what I'm doing and i talk him through it. he loves being a part of things!.

cuddles with grandpa

playing spaceman

Rico's little purchases

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