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Monday, 11 March 2013

1st Mothers Day

Best breakfast ever!

This year was my first mothers day as a mother! Jason cooked a big breakfast and me & Rico had a lay in until 12:00 and cuddled, he is probably the only baby i know who sleeps all through the night and then has a lye in....but then again he is my son after all. 

Cuddling with wriggles

Excuse the morning faces.

Being a lazy bones.

We stayed in our pyjamas most of the day and watched this series called "The wire" we've been through Homeland, Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones, and Breaking Bad but i have to say that Homeland was amazing i cant wait for the next season.

After a relaxing day we went to Jason's parents house to drop off his mothers card and plant, they very kindly got me some roses, chocolates, and a few things from new look! so spoiled Rico got to have a lovely time with his Lola and of course Jason watched football *Que eye roll*

Thank you everyone for making it so special x

Im so happy that i have my little boy, he really does bring joy to our whole family! even if i never achieved anything else ever again having him around is more than enough for me.

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