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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bed Head Brunette Goddess

So while doing some shopping in TK Maxx recently, I was looking through their beauty section for some shampoo and conditioner among many many other things. I usually buy things like this online but since I was there I grabbed these two! 
They were around £7.00 each.

I've been using Tressseme Shampoo and Conditioner for heat damaged hair but it was really drying, just like so many other ones i've tried, even though the bottle makes some big claims....I FEEL LIED TO.

So first use of this, I loved the fact the shampoo was in a pump bottle, no mess, no dropping it, or pouring out to much. It smells kind of like fudge and vanilla, lathers up loads and as soon as you rinse it out your hair feels softer even before you apply the conditioner. In terms of a shampoo that never freaking happens to me!!! My hair gets all knotty and squeaky usually so I kept rinsing to make sure it was all - love love love this.

The conditioner has the same scent, easy to squeeze out, no need to use a ton of it and washes out with no greasy residue and makes your hair like silk...I loved this product! I haven't even been using any hair serum or leave in conditioner!

I have color treated hair with a semi permanent dye, thin strands but a lot of it, this was perfect for me. 

Over all for the price and results i will be repurchasing.

Here are the links to a website who retail it that i've used and found reliable-

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